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The Student's Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare

Flying over Bangkok © Lauren Juliff

With hundreds of websites dedicated to finding the cheapest flights how do you know which one is best? These insider tips and tricks will help you find the best rates and could end up saving you several hundred dollars.

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How Was Your Spring Break?

Monday March 31, 2014
Spring Break Cancun

Spring Break is one of most enjoyable times of the year for students. It gives you some time to take a break from college, head to warmer destinations and meet lots of new people.

This year, I celebrated Spring Break on the islands of Belize, in Central America. This was my first visit to Belize, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I spent my couple of weeks relaxing in the laid back town of Placencia, sunbathing and meeting new people on backpacker hangout of Caye Caulker, and exploring Mayan ruins in the jungle near San Ignacio.

Would I recommend Belize as a Spring Break destination? Absolutely! However, while there is lots of partying on the cayes, Spring Break isn't a big celebration. If you like chilled out, relaxed destinations without hoards of tourists, spend Spring Break in Belize. The only downside was that it's slightly more expensive than other countries in Central America (though still cheaper than the USA). If you're going to be traveling on a budget, consider visiting Guatemala or Honduras for Spring Break 2015.

How was your Spring Break? Have you made any plans for next year? Check out the list of dates for Spring Break 2015 and get planning!

How I Found BoltBus Tickets For $5

Monday March 31, 2014

I spent the majority of summer 2013 in the Pacific Northwest. While staying there, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with BoltBus -- a fantastic bus service that serves the West Coast and North East of the US. I used BoltBus to travel from Seattle to Portland and back, and from Seattle to Vancouver.

From Seattle to Portland I paid just $5 -- fantastic value! The trick to finding cheap BoltBus tickets is booking your tickets as early as possible. BoltBus releases their schedules six weeks before the departure date, and the very first tickets go on sale for $1. I didn't get to the site in time to get to $1 ticket, but just 12 hours after they went on sale, I managed to pick up a ticket for $5. For that price, I got to travel in a clean environment, with air conditioning, comfortable seats, power sockets, a free drink and free Wi-Fi! I was very impressed, and felt like I should have been paying much more for the experience.

What tricks have you used to find cheap Boltbus tickets?

Traveling Eastern Europe by Train

Monday March 31, 2014
Students on train

One of my travel highlights was the summer of 2012, which I spent traveling across Eastern Europe by train. From Germany, I traveled overland to Turkey, visiting ten countries along the way. I spent time in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey!

One of the biggest misconceptions I had about trains in Eastern Europe was that they'd be uncomfortable. While Eastern European trains are certainly far less comfortable than Western European trains, they're not as terrible as some travelers make them out to be. On my journey, I found clean carriages, friendly locals, lots of legroom, and even the occasional power socket to keep my laptop charged! I rarely came across another tourist during the entire month I spent on the rails -- yet another reason to head to Eastern Europe before everyone else does! And, if you do, you should definitely take the train.

You can read more about my experience in my latest article: What are the trains like in Eastern Europe?

Have you traveled Eastern European by train? How did you find it?

What’s Your Best Jet Lag Cure?

Monday March 31, 2014

Jet lag is a necessary evil of travel, and one that every traveler wishes they could avoid. Short of slowly traveling across one timezone at a time there are a few things you can do to minimize your chances of getting jet lag while making it last for as short a time as possible.

My best jet lag tip is to try and get accustomed to my new timezone before I arrive. If I'll be crossing a significant amount of timezones, I'll try and adjust my daily routine to take this into account. I'll wake up and go to bed earlier or later, will adjust my mealtimes to fit those of my destination, and make sure to get plenty of sleep. When I get on the plane, I'll refuse to eat any of the meals offered unless they're served at the correct time of my destination. That way, I can be prepared for my new timezone before I arrive.

How do you avoid jet lag while travelling?

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