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The Student's Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare

Flying over Bangkok  Lauren Juliff

With hundreds of websites dedicated to finding the cheapest flights how do you know which one is best? These insider tips and tricks will help you find the best rates and could end up saving you several hundred dollars.

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What's the Legal Drinking Age in Asia?

Find out what the legal drinking and purchase ages are for every country in Asia, from Afghanistan to Armenia, Taiwan to Thailand.

Destination Ideas for Spring Break

Deciding where to go for Spring Break can be a tricky decision. We make it easier for you by weighing up the different options: skiing, partying, volunteering or traveling abroad.

The Student's Travel Guide to Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful, rewarding country for students, as long as you come prepared. Here we share facts about the country and the top places to visit.

What's the Legal Drinking Age in Europe?

Find out what the legal drinking and purchase ages are for every country in Europe, from Albania to Austria, Ukraine to the UK.

Should you Wear Jeans When Traveling?

We weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of packing jeans in your backpack when traveling. Are they too bulky? Are they worth it for the comfort?

What to Do if you Become Sick While Traveling

What to do when you get sick on the road -- when to find help, when to see a doctor and how to recover when it happens.

Do Hostels Have Lockers?

Find out if dorm rooms in hostels have lockers, whether you'll need your own padlock, how big they are and what you should put in them.

How to Pick the Perfect Hostel

You’ve got your plane tickets. You’ve got your train tickets. You have an idea of the spots you want to check out. But, have you figured out your accommodation?

Essential Travel Gear for Backpacking Central America

Your essential guide to what to take to Central America. Find out how to choose a backpack and what to fill it with, from technology to medicines.

How to Get Your Laundry Done While Traveling

How to wash your clothes as you travel the world - from using guesthouses to visiting launderettes. You can even wash them yourself in the hostel sink!

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