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The Student's Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare

Flying over Bangkok  Lauren Juliff

With hundreds of websites dedicated to finding the cheapest flights how do you know which one is best? These insider tips and tricks will help you find the best rates and could end up saving you several hundred dollars.

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Essential Travel Gear for Backpacking Central America

Your essential guide to what to take to Central America. Find out how to choose a backpack and what to fill it with, from technology to medicines.

How to Get Your Laundry Done While Traveling

How to wash your clothes as you travel the world - from using guesthouses to visiting launderettes. You can even wash them yourself in the hostel sink!

How to Purify Water When Traveling

How to filter and purify your water supply while traveling -- whether it's river water when camping or tap water in your guesthouse.

What's Oman Like for Solo Female Travelers?

What to expect when traveling in Oman as a solo female. Find out how to dress, how to get around, what to do and where to stay.

Can you Drink the Tap Water in Europe?

A list of which cities in Europe have safe drinking water. Find out where you should avoid drinking the water and where is perfectly fine.

Travelers' Diarrhea: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Traveler's diarrhea is an unpleasant yet inevitable aspect of life on the road. Find out what causes it, what the symptoms are and how you can treat it.

How to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

How to stay safe on the road as a solo female traveler. Find out what to wear, where to stay, what to do and how to have fun while doing so.

How to Save Space With Toiletries When Traveling

One of the easiest ways to save space when traveling is with your toiletries. Tips include traveling with solid shampoo and relying on hotel essentials.

7 Ways to Travel The World for Free

For many, the thought of traveling the world for free is the ultimate dream. Fortunately, it can be a reality. Here's how to do it.

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This month, I've been jetting around far more frequently than usual. I kicked off the month back home in the UK, where I spent several relaxing weeks

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