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More of Those Airports With Scanners

By October 31, 2012

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We've again updated our answers to that frequently asked flyer question: which airports have scanners? You know, those TSA x-ray machine things that send pictures of your naked body to some TSA person. And the answer is still: most; learn which ones, specifically:

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Though polls show that most find the airport x-ray backscatter machines to be despicable (enough so to keep them from flying), others think that the machines keep them safe (evidence shows otherwise, but...). So, what will you do? Be able to see your laptop while taking the walk of shame, or choose the squeezee and lose sight of your laptop?

Have you opted out of the full body scanner and had a TSA patdown under the new, more aggressively gropey guidelines? What did you think? Would you choose a patdown over the scanner again?

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