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ATM and Debit Card Travel Use / ATM's and Debit Cards Overseas

ATM and debit card travel use wordlwide and using ATM's and debit cards overseas: use your bank debit card or check card internationaly, find ATM machines around the world and ensure your debit card will work internationally.

Debit Cards - Traveler's Best Friend
Student travelers will find a debit card the most indispensable asset you can bring along on your international journey.

ATM Travel Solutions
A great recommendation for avoiding coming away cashless from ATM machines abroad is traveling with two ATM cards, each from a different bank. I've always recommended bringing two from the same bank in anticipation of that inevitable moment when the magnetic stripe on the most-used goes kaput from its travel in and out of my cargo pants pocket, and that's still a great idea (read more)...

Find ATM's all Over the World
Find ATM machines worldwide. Student travelers need to know where they can get quick cash - learn how to find an ATM where you can use your debit card internationally.

Be Sure You Can Use Your PIN Number Internationally
International ATM machines may not accept PIN numbers containing zeros, so if your debit card's pin number contains a zero, change it now.

Debit Cards in Europe
James Martin recently tested out a few debit cards in Europe and has put together some good information on the results, especially use fees and banks' tendency to lock your debit card when you're using it overseas. It appeared to be World Bank that gave James the big locked-card headache; for us, it was Wells Fargo that cost us seven hassle-ful overseas calls when (read more...)

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