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Step by Step Plan for a Great Ocean Road Australia Trip


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Plan a Trip Down the Great Ocean Road
Sign on Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia that reads 'Drive on Left in Australia'.A van in the distance approaches in right lane.
Nick Koudis /The Image Bank/Getty Images
Why should you plan a trip down Australia's Great Ocean Road? Oh, man -- why not?

The Great Ocean Road is truly, really, absolutely one of the world's most beautiful drives. Like the drive up California's coast on Highway 1, the Great Ocean Road is a lovely meander that should be on your lifetime list of things to do. You'll see sights like the cliffs at Port Campbell National Park (above and here), an historic lighthouse, and the Twelve Apostles, plus places where you can spot Australian animals like kangaroos, koalas and parrots, not to mention seeing penguins in the cold, clear, clear surf, across which you can imagine seeing to Antartica.

You can rent a car, of course, or you can take a day (or longer) tour with a tour bus down the Great Ocean Road. Let's find out how to do it and where you should stop along the Great Ocean Road, starting with a Great Ocean Road map (next page).

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