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Lucky Youth Hostel

An Apartment in the Lucky Youth Hostel - Paris

One of the reasons we love Hostelz.com for booking hostels is simple: listings are free. That means hostels of any size and brand new hostels without much advertising cash can get themselves listed on Hostelz.com.

Reason number two Hostelz.com rules for booking hostels is even bigger to us: reviews are real, with many of the hostel reviews done by Hostelz.com's own staff, paid reviewers who visit each hostel in person. Real live backpackers can, and do, also submit reviews to Hostelz.com, and hostel owners are not allowed to pad those reviews. The same is not true of all hostel booking sites.

Complete and honest reviews, easy-to-use website, more listings than any other hostel booking database -- well, that pretty much sums up why Hostelz.com rocks as a hostel booking service for us. Check it out, and do tell us what you think, too:

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