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Riding London Doubledecker Buses


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London Doubledecker Buses
London Doubledecker Bus in Piccadilly Circus Picture

London Doubledecker Bus Photo - Piccadilly Circus

© Kathleen Crislip
Riding London double decker buses seems like a dream, but for Londoners, doubledecker buses in London are simply some of the ways they get around. That's true for tourists, too, but it's still a "This is London!" blast to watch the city go by from the top deck of a London double decker bus.

Whether or not you'll get to ride a doubledecker bus when taking the London buses does somewhat depend on your route, but if you're in central London (like Piccadilly Circus, above) you're likely to be able to grab a doubledecker. Get an Oyster card and hop on a double decker bus -- matters not where you go because you're along for the ride.

Where to Sit on a London Doubledecker Bus

You want to sit on the top deck of a doubledecker bus, of course -- that's the fun! The stairs are behind the driver, who sits on the right. You may see a small TV screen behind the stairs; it may pan the top floor (or it may just show soccer games) if you want to ensure a seat is open before you climb.

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