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Riding London Doubledecker Buses


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How and Where to Get London Doubledecker Bus Tickets
London Double Decker Buses in Traffic

London Double Decker Buses in Traffic

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Since you just ride London's double decker buses to get around, you'll use regular London bus tickets for double decker bus tickets. Credit card-sized plastic passes called Oyster cards give you lots of London tube and bus rides at half the cost of paper bus tickets, and you can buy Oyster passes in London convenience stores or at London tube stations. Get a week's Oyster pass if you're staying three or more days; it's worth it.

Oyster cards are a minimum of 16.30 GBP (that's $18.65 as I write in spring 2006) and you can recharge 16.30 GBP at a time. You'll get a deposit and any leftover cash back when you return the Osyter pass at tube stations.

You can buy paper bus tickets by the day or by the ride in tube stations. These are not a snap to find (another good reason to get an Oyster card). A one-day ticket is about $4. Londoners think bus tickets are spendy because the government wants you to use Oyster cards. Perhaps; Oyster cards *are* handy, though.

When you get on a double decker bus, swipe your Oyster card over a card reader near the driver (he sits on the right) or feed your ticket into the reader's maw (you'll get it back -- keep it; you can be fined for riding without a ticket). This is so easy, and London bus drivers so patient, that you'll figure it out the first time you board a double decker bus.

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