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Riding London Doubledecker Buses


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London Bus Maps for Tourists
London Bus Map for Tourists

London Bus Map for Tourists

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London bus maps are posted at bus stops all over central London. London bus stops are well kept and the London bus maps are (1) there and (2) readable.

Naturally, it's nice to know where you're going. If you truly haven't a clue, you can always ask the driver -- London bus drivers are the friendliest lot around. It's very easy to get a clue, though, by checking the map at the bus stop.

London is one of those remarkably easy public transport cities in which you needn't memorize the subway and bus stops you'll need to know before you leave home, other than the one nearest your hotel and your first destination in the city. Do figure out the terminus -- the last stop -- of the bus line nearest your hotel; that will be on the side and front readerboard of the bus you need to get back to the hotel. If you need to make connections, you can easily figure them out from the legible and logical maps at London bus stops.

  • Find London bus maps online at the Transport for London website -- Transport for London operates the city's buses, which include London double decker buses.

  • Use the Transport for London's bus trip planner to map in advance which buses you'll take in London.

Remember that many bus routes have no buses running at night -- buses running at night will have an "N" in front of the route number.

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