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Best Halloween Parties and Events Worldwide


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International Halloween Parties and Events
Jack O'Lantern

Halloween - Nods to Magic

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Halloween is largely a Western tradition, but you can find much to do at this time of year worldwide, including Halloween parties. Before we get to that, let's learn a bit about Halloween...

Halloween means dressing up and throwing parties, spooky revelry and nods to magic. Or does it? It all starts with the ancient Celtic rite of Samhain and links back to All Hallow's Eve (and All Hallows, now more commonly known as the Catholic All Saints Day), a day (and night) steeped in legend and lore. Honoring the dead. Communing with souls who revisit this mortal coil while the veil between worlds is thin.

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The whole trick or treat, costume, fun time thing is primarily a Western tradition. Homesick American students *can* find a place to don masks and carve pumpkins internationally, though. Lay aside your quills and gather 'round, and ye shall hear where the finest Halloween festivities are happening. Let's visit the US (Salem and New Orleans!), Bangkok, Limoges (France) and Derry (Ireland) to find the best Halloween party.

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