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Best Halloween Parties and Events Worldwide


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Halloween in Bangkok, Thailand
Halloween on Bangkok's Silom Soi 4

Halloween on Bangkok's Silom Soi 4

(c) Bangkok Recorder
Silom Soi 4, a street of bars, restaurants and clubs, is the scene for a massive Halloween street party in Bangkok: although Halloween celebrations abound in Bangkok, this one is the queen. The Bangkok gay population comes out in force and revelers from the world over carry on long past the witching hour. Be there or be square, as they say, and wear a costume -- the more outrageous, the better. In Bangkok pre-halloween? Lose the flip flops and ramble over to a Sukhumvit Soi 11 club crawl.

Little help on Thailand backpacker travel in general:

Time to hop into Halloween in Europe with a peek at Transylvania, home of Count Dracula his own self...
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