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Currency exchange rates, convert money, currency calculators: convert US money before travel and while traveling, get current money exchange rates and understand currency exchange and exchange rates.
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Exchange Rate - Definition of Exchange Rate - Exchange Rate
Exchange rate - what is the definition of exchange rate? What is an exchange rate? What is the definition of exchange rate as it applies to travel? What is the current foreign exchange rate? How can I find the exchange rate when I travel? How much is my money worth with the exchange rate?

Currency Calculator Top Picks
Currency calculators are worth their weight in pesos or francs, especially if your travel is taking you to different countries. It's hard enough to learn the currency of one country! Use these to convert American dollars to the local currency and make money easy.

Convert Money Online - Convert Money for Travel
Best online currency converter; convert American dollars to every currency in the world. Use a currency converter in travel planning - convert dollars to Euros, pesos, francs, lira and more and vice versa.

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