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Where can I find an online currency converter?


Question: Where can I find an online currency converter?
Answer: Right here.

Use the best online currency converter around to convert money. Convert American dollars to foreign currency! A currency converter is very helpful in travel planning. Convert dollars:

XE.com Universal Currency Converter

Convert American (US) dollars to any of these foreign converters or vice versa.

  • Euros
  • Chile pesos, Colombia pesos, Mexico pesos
  • Belgium francs, Switzerland francs, France francs
  • Italy lira
  • United Kingdom pounds, Cypress pounds, Egypt pounds, Ireland pounds, Lebanon pounds
  • Japan Yen
  • India Rupees
  • Canadian, New Zealand dollars, Australia dollars, Bahamas and Caribbean dollars, Bermuda dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Fiji dollars
  • South Africa rand
  • Austria schillings, Kenya schillings
  • Afghanistan afghanis
  • Algeria dinars, Bahrain dinars, Middle East dinars
  • Albania leke
  • Bangladesh taka
  • Brazil reais
  • Bulgaria leva
  • China yuan renminbi
  • Costa Rica colones
  • Croatia kuna
  • Czech Republic koruny
  • Denmark krona
  • Deutsche marks Germany and Netherlands
  • Dutch (Netherlands) guilders
  • Estonia krooni
  • Finland markaa
  • Greece drachma
  • Hungary forint
  • Iceland kronur
  • IMF Special Drawing Right
  • Indonesia rupiahs
  • Iran rials
  • Israel shekels
  • South Korea won
  • Malaysia ringgits
  • Malta liri
  • Mauritius rupees, Pakistan rupees
  • Morocco dirhams
  • Norway kroner
  • Gold ounces, Palladium ounces, Platinum ounces, Silver ounces
  • Peru nuevos soles
  • Poland Zlotych
  • Portugal escudos
  • Qatar riyals, Saudi Arabia riyals
  • Romania lei
  • Russia rubles
  • Slovakia koruny
  • Slovenia tolars
  • Spain pesetas
  • Sweden kronor
  • Thailand bhat
  • Turkey lira
  • Venezuela bolivares
  • Vietnam dong
  • Zambia kwacha

    You may also be interested in some top currency calculators which you can take on your travels. Happy trails!

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