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Best Travel Websites for Cheap Deals
Let the Cheap Deals Roll: How To Get There! Part 1 of a three part series on travel websites that really do offer the cheap travel deals.

Best Travel Websites for Cheap Deals: Where to Stay There
Let the Cheap Deals Roll: How To Get There! Part 2 of a three part series on travel websites that really do offer the cheap travel deals.

Airport Security Rules and Fines
Airport security is flying's biggest hassle, but being prepared by knowing the airport security rules makes it oh so much easier...

Travel Cost Comparison With Travel Search Engines - Booking Buddy
Choose from 29 travel search engines on one site with Booking Buddy. Do a travel cost comparison with travel search engines like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak and CheapSeats.

How to Get Student Travel Discounts
If you're between 12-26, the travel industry considers you a student traveler and you are eligible for student travel discounts. Travel companies from Rail Europe to Greyhound offer student travel discounts. Let's find the student travel discounts available and learn how to take advantage of student travel discounts.

Student Airfare Finders
Links to airfare search engines and travel agencies either catering exclusively to student travelers or offering special student deals.

Discount European Airfares - Unbelievable Deals
How about a $27.98 ticket from London to Rome? Discount airfares like this really exist with budget European carriers. Get a complete list of airlines and start booking your discounted puddle jumping flight deals!

Rail Europe Student / Under 26 Discounts
Under 26? Rail Europe offers Eurail train passes at a great discount. Seeing Europe from a train is a great way to go, and youth budget travelers can do it at screaming discounts. Student passes available for train travel all over Europe or within specific countries. Find out how to get 'em and buy direct from Rail Europe.

Deal Finder Newsletters - Student Airfare Discounts
Let the travel world bring the airfare discounts and deals to you by signing up for these newsletters and email alerts. Cheap airline tickets and low cost, last minute airfare and hotel discounts to be had!

Latest Fare Alerts and Current Travel Deals and Discounts
Going, going - get it now! Latest fare alerts and travel deals, updated as travel deals appear. Get the travel deals and discounts before the world knows about them!

Student and Youth Travel Discount Cards
Several membership-for-money travel discount cards for youth and student travelers exist, generally for travelers under 26 years old. Some youth and student travel discount cards offer specific travel discounts; some offer travel plus entertainment or goods discounts. Remember: just your own student ID may get you discounts internationally. Read...

ISIC Cards Offer Student Travel Discounts
ISIC cards offer discounts just for students -- you must be enrolled somewhere to get one and start getting discounts on everything from hostels to music. Learn how to get an ISIC card.

Amtrak Train Travel Student Discounts
Amtrak offers 15% discounts to travelers under 23 carrying ISIC cards, as well as a free companion train ticket to high school juniors and seniors touring college campuses.

Greyhound Bus Student Travel Discounts
Bus travel is surprisingly easy and inexpensive, especially for students. Get student travel and shipping discounts and a Student Advantage Card that gives you global deals on your favorite stuff from great stores.

Hostel Discount Cards
Hostel discount cards offer discounts on some hostel bunk nights and a few additional benefits. Some hostel discount cards cards offer only to waive online booking fees, which may be covered by cards above. Major hostel outfit Hostelling International has a discount card worth looking into, but read up to determine whether a hostel discount card...

Standby Flights - Airtran X Fares at Student Discounts
Airtran offers standby flights, called X Fares, just for travelers 18-22 years old. Learn what standby flights are, where Airtrans's X-Fares program will fly and how to get standby flights with Airtran X Fares student airfare discount program.

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