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Munich Marienplatz Glockenspiel Closeup

Munich Marienplatz Photos - EF Europe Tour 2006


Munich Glockenspiel Photo - Close Up Munich Glockenspiel Photo, Munich, Germany

Munich Glockenspiel Photo, Munich Marienplatz

(c) S. Bottcher

Munich's Marienplatz

Munich's Marienplatz is one of the city's central squares; the Marienplatz is named for the Mariensaule, a column crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary. When visiting Munich, cruise through the Marienplatz at 11:00, 12:00 and 5:00 to witness the famous Glockenspiel. Taped music accompanies carved figures jousting and doing the Schalffertanz (Cooper's Dance), first done by barrel makers in the Marienplatz in 1517 at the end of the Black Death plague.

Munich's "new" Town Hall was built at the turn of the 20th century, but the old town hall, Altes Rathaus, rebuilt after a 13th century fire and again after World War II, still stands on the Marienplatz. In front of Munich's new Town Hall is the Mariensaule, a column topped with a gold Virgin Mary statue. Four figures at its base signify war, heresy famine and the plague.

Watching people stroll through the Marienplatz shows you many slices of Munich life. Stop in at the Marienplatz and pass some time sussing free bands and folks-watching. For more on what to do in Munich, see the student travel Munich travel guide, including Munich hostels and Munich beer hall and walking tour suggestions.

EF Europe Tour 2006

I visited Munich in spring 2006 with a group of Texas students on an EF Tours custom trip called Traveling Through History. The tour was a delightful way to explore parts of Europe, and I recommend teachers and students alike look into booking an EF trip for an easy way to see Europe. EF Tours offers complete trips, with details from beds to guides handled for you.

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