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Hostels and accommodation, student lodging and international accommodation of every kind. Find hostel reviews, prices, photos and maps of hostel locations for international hostels.
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Hostels are the place for student travelers and backpackers to stay. Learn about hostels, staying in hostels, how to reserve hostels, how hostels work, see top hostels lists and read hostels reviews. This is it.

Travel Websites for Cheap Deals
Here's a three parter with few of our faves in the travel websites cheap travel deals department, starting with how to get there...

Top Ten Frequently Asked Hostel Questions
Hostel FAQ: All of your hostel questions answered in one FAQ.

Sleeping in Airports
Circumstances may force you to sleep in airports or bus and train stations. If so, find some tips on how to find comfy spots and more here. And read some funny stories!

Hostels by Country and Type
Find international youth hostels and hostel reviews, maps, photos and prices by country. Find hostels in Europe, Australia, Mexico, the US and more, with writer-taken hostel photos and personal hostel reviews.

Hostels Guide
You've heard of hostels (and if you haven't, know that hostels are the way to stay for you around the world) -- now the question would be: how to find hostels? Get a good start with this hostels guide.

Bed Bugs -- The Definitive Word on Bed Bugs and Travel
Learn everything you hoped you'd never need to know about bed bugs, including bed bugs in hostels, bed bug bites, bed bugs and travel, how to spot and kill bed bugs, and what to do if you bring bed bugs home from your travels. See (eww) bed bug pictures and pictures of a bed bug bite(ewwww), too.

Homestays Abroad and in North America
Homestays are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a culture. Learn where to find hosts in North America and abroad and the etiquette of being a homestay guest.

Hostel Discount Cards
Hostel discount cards offer discounts on some hostel bunk nights and a few additional benefits. Some hostel discount cards cards offer only to waive online booking fees, which may be covered by cards above. Major hostel outfit Hostelling International has a discount card worth looking into, but read up to determine whether a hostel discount card...

Travel Websites for Cheap Deals Part Two
Here's a three parter with few of our faves in the travel websites cheap travel deals department -- this is number two: Where to Stay There.

Private Hostel Rooms Photos
Private Hostel Rooms - Single Hostel Rooms and Private Hostel Rooms Photos and Info - Private Hostel Rooms Rock

Housesitting 101: The Ultimate Guide
Housesitting is a great way to find free accommodation while looking after somebody's home. We describe the benefits, downsides and walk you through how to find your first housesitting job.

Should You Book Your Hostels in Advance?

WWOOFing 101: The Ultimate Guide
WWOOFing stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a way for travelers to give back to the local community while receiving free food and accommodation. Here's how to start.

Accommodation Options for Student Travelers

Short-Term Vacation Rentals 101

Backpacking Travel Around the World
Backpacking Worldwide - what to pack, where to go, budgeting, how to get there, where to stay and how to do backpack travel around the world on the cheap. Backpacking travel FAQs, lists, hostels, and -- best of all -- encouragement to get out there and travel the world by backpack!

Which Hostel Booking Website is Best?
Which hostel booking website is the best. We take a look at who shows the cheapest rates, and which site has the best availability. HostelBookers or HostelWorld?

How to Keep Your Stuff Safe in Hostels
While hostels are generally very safe for backpacks, thefts can occasionally occur. Here's how to minimize the risk of having your valuables stolen from a dorm room.

The Unwritten Rules of Dorm Room Etiquette

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