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Private Hostel Rooms Photos


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Private Hostel Rooms
Melbourne Nomads Industry Private Hostel Room, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Nomads Industry Private Hostel Room, Melbourne, Australia

© Kathleen Crislip
Hostels are absolutely the way for you to stay, and there are options for rooms other than dorms: in fact, many joints have incredibly awesome private hostel rooms which completely rule. Take a look at a few photos from some of my fave private hostel rooms from the past few years and see for yourself if it's worth the extra expense (2-3 times as much as a hostel dorm room) to you to book a private hostel room next time -- or, if this is your first time traveling alone, whether it's worth the bucks to jump into the hostel pool gradually -- if a dorm room sleeping up to 18 is the deep end, then a private room is the paddling pool and just as easy as a hotel room, except you're in a hostel with all that that entails. Above: a fantastically fabulous private hostel room at Nomads Industry in Melbourne, Australia -- see more photos from Nomads Industry or read a review, or go back to the first page for more private hostel rooms photos and info.

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