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Driving in the US and Abroad - Road Trips and Car Rentals

The open road calls! See North America through the windshield - stop frequently to sample local cuisine and meet the locals; just part of cool car travel.
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Top 5 Money Saving Road Trip Tips
Learn how to save money on road trips with the top five money saving road trip tips.

How to Get an International Driver's License (Permit)
Info from Uncle Sam: how to get an international driver's license (international driving permit). An international driver's license supplements a valid US license and is one more handy piece of ID.

How Much Gas For My Trip?
How much gas are you going to need for your upcoming road trip? Easy enough to figure out, actually -- it's one of those simple equations that's nonetheless tricky to get to the first time: see how to do it.

Safe Winter Driving and Handling Roadside Emergencies
Tips on getting yourself and your vehicle ready for winter car travel and how to drive on snowy roads, as well as basic driving preparedness - how to change a flat tire, for example.

Driving to Mexico -- Learn About Driving to Mexico
Mexican driving - is it madness or mellow? Depends on you. If you take a casual attitude, like the Mexicans do, learn their rules of the road (which aren't written down anywhere) and relax, you'll have a great time driving in Mexico. Learn about border crossings and Mexican car insurance here, too.

Let's Go - US, Canada and Mexico Road Trip Guidebook
Follow Matt and Tabby on a road trip through the United States, Canada and Mexico with Let's Go Road Trip, a road trip planner from the budget trip guidebook series for deal minded young travelers. Online road trip journal and eight roadtrip itineraries.

Road Trips - American Road Trips 101
Road Trips- American Road Trips 101 - Road Trips

Buying a Car - New or Used
Buying a car for the first time? Advice on new or used, insurance costs, getting your money's worth, dealing with salesmen and finally getting the keys.

Ready Your Car for Next Summer's Road Trip
Get your car ready for a summer road trip with expert auto mechanic tips. Time to hit the road - no time to worry about breakdowns!

American Road Food
Road food - skip the fast food drive ins when you can while you're on road trips. Try real roadside, down home restaurants and cafe - a slice of Americana and apple pie.

Calculate Gas Prices For Car Travel Trips
Student travelers are always looking for deals. A car trip in North America sounds like a cheap way to travel. Is it? Calculate your gas mileage and find gas prices to figure out the cost of a car trip.

Road Trip Wonders: West Virginia
Observations from the road in West Virginia, a beauty spot for a road trip.

AAA Savings Links
AAA is a decent discount deal for US travel, though you may do better with an ISIC card and hostel stays if savings is all you seek on road trips. AAA offers roadside assistance, which may be the key to a successful road trip if you have to pay for towing yourself (there goes the budget). Decide whether an AAA membership is worth it.

Crossing the Canadian Border
Driving in beautiful Canada is not much different than in the U.S. Having lived on the British Columbia border, though, I can fondly confirm that Canadian drivers are wonderfully crazy. And in some provinces, radar detectors are illegal and you can be fined in Newfoundland for using a cell phone while driving. Read up on driving in Canada with tips from Canadian AAA.

US Road Trip Maps
US maps - free online or hard copies. US state and territory maps, scenic drive maps, wacky roadside attractions and sightseeing maps and books, and info (time zones, capitals, physical maps, city and highway maps). Famous routes like Route 66 await!

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