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How Much Gas For My Trip?

How to Get What You Need to Know for Figuring Out Gas Costs


*HOW* Much?

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Summertime is road trip time! Before you get summer's motor running, get a good grip on just how much money you'll spend on a road trip -- and if you need to squeeze pennies until the eagle screams, your key question is: "How much gas for my trip?" Easy to figure out, actually, but you'll need to know what your gas mileage is like. Gas mileage is miles per gallon, or how many miles you can drive on one gallon of gas. (Want to know how much your gas is going to cost, and the whole amount you will spend on gas over the course of a trip? Slightly more complicated, but not complex; get that here: How to Calculate the Cost of Gas For a Trip".)

How Much Gas For My Trip?

  • When you fill up, write down your odometer reading or set your trip meter to zero (push in the little knob underneath the odometer -- read the owner's manual if you have a newer car with a computerized console).
  • Drive until you're close enough to empty that you need to fill up again.
  • Write down the odometer reading when you gas up.
  • Subtract that number from the first odometer reading you wrote down (above).
  • Divide that resulting figure by the number of gallons you just purchased to arrive at your MPG

    It's that easy to find out what your MPG (Miles Per Gallon, or gas mileage) is.

    Next, figure out how many miles you'll be traveling (more on how to do that here).

    Now, divide the number of miles you'll be traveling by your MPG (miles per gallon / gas mileage), and you'll get a number representing gallons of gas you will use:
    • Number of Miles divided by MPS (miles per gallon, or gas mileage) = How Much Gas For Your Trip

    And that's it!

    There's more to planning a trip than figuring out how much gas you'll need for your trip, of course; get all the tips, like how much gas will cost on your trip; get all of those tips and tricks here:

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