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Transportation Travel Options and Planning Travel Transportation

Find the way to get there!Getting there - air, train, car, boat or bus?


Train travel offers views galore

See the Country From the Rails

Choose Your Student Travel Transportation Method

As part of your travel planning, you may have already chosen your purpose and picked a destination as outlined in Plan Your Student Travel. Time for planning travel transportation! How will you get there?

Choose a transportation travel option: you can travel by air, train, car, bus or boat. I haven't mentioned hitchhiking as a transportation travel option as it just isn't safe anymore, as opposed to the days that your parents probably remember well, when it seemed that the half of young America who weren't rattling around the country in tattered VW buses were riding their thumbs. Hitchhiking in Europe is still common for students - use your best judgement and consider what your mother would say...

Transportation Travel Options

The transportation travel options available to you are tremendous, and you could spend hours combing the web for the one that best suits you (for instance, you can fly for free if you act as a courier for legitimate courier services!). Instead, check out the categories below and your travel transportation so the travel itself is an exciting part of your trip.

The travel transportation method you choose can be a big part of the adventurous aspect of your trip. Meeting the international crew of a freighter boat on the high seas or watching a new area pass by through the window of a train will be experiences you will never forget.

Let's look at your transportation travel options and get started planning your travel transportation!

Getting There

Travel transportation categories containing loads of info:

  • Board a Boat

  • Travel by Car

  • Hop a Plane

  • Ride the Bus

  • Take a Train
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