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Travel Technology: Laptops, Cameras, Smartphones and more

Phones, Mail, Internet and Student Travel - Find the best student travel communication options: cell phones, SIM cards, GSM and satellite phones, internet cafes and email for student travel.

How to Keep Your Technology Safe on the Road
How to keep your technology functioning when you're traveling the world.

Travel Downloads for My iPod
Top Five Downloads for My iPod

Should you travel with a laptop?

Wireless Solutions For Student Travelers
Myriad ways to call country to country exist, and telestial.com offers many wireless solutions with online ordering of SIM cards, phones and more.

What is Wifi? Wifi Definition
What is wifi? Learn what wifi is and how travelers use wifi and find wifi hotspots.

Country Codes - Find International Country Calling Codes
International calling codes, or country codes, are digits that must be dialed to reach a telephone number in another country. Learn how to dial an international call with country code and find country codes and city codes.

Stay Connected Worldwide - Sat Phones, Calling Cards and More
Keep in touch while you travel internationally using state of the art technology or simple e-mail. Find the solution for your student travel communication needs here.

Receiving Snail Mail Internationally
Learn how to set up a snail mail address so you can receive packages and letters while traveling internationally. Crucial for student travelers who need care packages, money or bills from home!

Essential Travel Apps: 2013 Edition
Travel apps can save you time and money while traveling —- whether it's student discounts, converting currencies or simply finding your way around a new city. We take a look at some of the best ones out there.

Backing up Your Travel Memories
It's no surprise that with so much more interesting things to think about while travelling, backing up photos and other travel memories is usually completely ignored. It's easy to just assume that everything will be fine - until the day that it isn't. Too many people have returned home with a dead laptop or lost camera, thousands of photos gone with no hope of recovery. By following these few simple pieces of advice, you won't be one of them.

Why Using Local Sim Cards is Cheapest

Our 2013 Unlocked Smartphone Recommendations for Travelers
Our travel technology guide to the best smartphones available for travelers today. We look at the main offerings from Apple, Nexus and Samsung.

Boosting Your Wi-Fi Range While Traveling
Trying to stay connected while traveling can be one of the biggest frustrations for a traveler. Here, we offer tips for speeding up your Wi-Fi connection.

How to Travel With Just an iPad
More and more people are opting to travel with iPads on the road - we offer advice to make the transition from laptop to iPad much easier.

Is a DSLR or Point & Shoot Best for Travel?

Why You Should Use a VPN While Traveling
It is vital that you travel with a VPN in order to protect your data when connecting to unsecured networks. There are plenty of other advantages, too.

Should You Travel With a Smartphone?
There has been a huge shift in the travel experience since the invention of smartphones. Should you travel with a phone or leave it behind?

How to Stay in Touch With Your Family While Traveling
One of the downsides of traveling is having to spend time away from your parents. Here's how to stay in touch with them on the road, and make the experience easier for both of you.

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