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Internet Cafes - Find an Internet Cafe

Internet Cafes Defined and Internet Cafe Chains


easy internet cafe (easyinternetcafe) - Note Computer Time Vending Machine

easyInternetCafe - Note Computer Time Vending Machine

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Internet cafes are the way to access the internet and stay in touch while traveling -- check email and surf the web from an internet cafe while you rest your travelsore feet.

An Internet cafe or cybercafe offers computer access for a fee, usually by the hour or minute. Some internet cafes, like Starbuck's, offer a universal prepaid card; others, like easyinternetcafe, use coin-fed vending machines for the PC's. Perhaps the coolest internet cafes of all are coffee shops which are Wi-fi hotspots -- these internet cafes may even charge nothing for internet access if you've your own laptop.

Internet Cafe Chains

  • Starbuck's -- Most of these mega espresso joints, even internationally, also function as internet cafes, and generally with free wifi. If needed, you can buy a "charge" card from ATT&T for about $40/month offering unlimited national internet access at Starbuck's.
  • EasyInternetcafé - These started out as another offering from the "easyGroup, which brought you easy Hotel, easy Jet and easy Cruise. The easy Internet Cafes are now franchised in Europe, the UK and US, and are the familiar easy orange and familiarly podlike, too. Not exactly a cozy Euro coffeehouse atmosphere, but easy to locate.

Internet Cafe Lists

Use an internet cafe list to find an internet cafe hookup spot before you even leave home.

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