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What are international country codes? How do I dial an international call?


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Question: What are international country codes? How do I dial an international call?
Answer: International calling codes, or country codes, are digits that must be dialed to reach a telephone number in another country. If you're in France and want to call the US, for instance, you must dial the US country code before dialing the US phone number.

How to Dial an International Call With Country Code

For calls to other countries, dial the country code, city code (similar to an area code), and the local number. Example:

  • Call Cordoba, Spain
    • Dial 34 (the country code)
    • Dial 957 (the city code)
    • Dial the phone number

This should hook you up with most phones in the Western world; naturally, there are exceptions as well as other rules, depending on where (geographically) you're calling and the kind of telephone you're calling: stay up to date with Steve Kropla's international dialing code page, which includes VoIP data.

Find a List of Country Codes

Get a list of country codes from ATT, or try the cute, widgety CountryCallingCodes.com web page:

Find a List of City Codes

Remember: once you've dialed the country's code, you'll likely need to dial the city's code (like an area code) -- get the city codes with these resources:

International Phone Call Tips

  • Jot down the calling code of each country you will be visiting and carry it with you -- your itinerary is a handy spot. Remember to drop the zero from a country code. Example:
    • UK -- country code 44
    • France -- country code 33
    • Turkey -- country code 90
  • Write down the US calling code, too -- you'll need it to call home:
    • US country code -- 1 (seems easy, but believe it or not, I forget) -- Remember to dial the US country code and then the area code before dialing the phone number

How to Pay for an International Phone Call

Get the skinny on GSM phones, satellite phones, international cell phone roaming and international prepaid calling cards.

And learn why international travelers need Skype or VoIP -- your money belt will be glad!

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