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Hostel Curfews - What is a Hostel Curfew and How Do Hostel Curfews Work?


Wake Up London Hostel

Wake Up London Hostel

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Question: Hostel Curfews - What is a Hostel Curfew and How Do Hostel Curfews Work?
Answer: Hostel curfews are no longer as common as in days of yore when more hostels had live-in owners, but hostel curfews do still exist. Hostel front doors are sometimes locked (as in cannot be opened by guests) at night, and the hour at which they lock is the "hostel curfew." Hostel staff may vanish after hostel curfew, and if you don't have a key -- like you forgot it or you haven't checked in -- you chance being on the street despite your prepaid reservation. Or your key simply may not admit you after hostel curfew. Get the full hostel curfew scoop at check in.

Hostel curfews are usually perfectly reasonable; if your hostel even has a curfew, it's likely to be 10:00 p.m. or later . And if your hostel does have a curfew, know that the joint's going to be a relatively quiet place: some old-fashioned hostels even request that guests be in bed, or at least have lights out, after hostel curfew. Know that a hostel curfew is not what is known as "lockout" -- read more about hostel lockout here.

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