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Wake up London Hostel Review With Photos


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Wake up London Review
Wake Up London Hostel Exterior picture

Wake Up London Hostel Exterior

© Kathleen Crislip
The Wake Up London hostel is a good place in which to hang your backpack in London -- central enough, fairly clean, lively, and loaded with amenities. On a quiet side street in a cute Paddington neighborhood, the huge hacienda housing the hostel has room for two lounges, a basement bar and big honking kitchen, a gigundo game room / internet area and 500+ beds. Rates are reasonable, the London tube and bus (double deckers!) routes are less than ten minutes away and staff is almost uniformly friendly, although the exceptions are enough to turn you off this joint for good.

Staying here is like being on a very small college campus -- eclectic folks, fun, quite safe. Remember that, when you choose to stay in a hostel, you get what you get for the money -- expect cleanliness, hot water and locks. Wake Up London has those plus some pluses and minus breakfast.

About's Student Travel gives the Wake Up London three stars (one hostel per year may get five as a top rank, and the gap between 3-5 is deep and wide).

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