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Yahoo Mail Awards: Best Internet Cafes List

Best International Internet Cafes Named


Brainwash Internet Cafe Webcam Screenshot

Brainwash Internet Cafe Webcam Screenshot

Annual Yahoo Mail Internet Cafe Awards

Find an international internet cafe guaranteed to be good by checking out the Yahoo Mail internet cafe awards winners.

Categories and best internet cafe winners:

  • Best UK Internet Cafe -- Curve Internet Cafe, Laines, Brighton, UK (this link comes and goes, unfortunately, but the cafe is still there -- if you know otherwise, write in to the
  • Student Travel Forum)

  • Life Saver -- La Casa del Corregidor, Lake Titicaca, Peru

  • Most Stylish -- Phlegmatic Dog, Moscow, Russia

  • Most Unusual -- Brain Wash, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Most Remote -- Telecentre Communautaire Polyvalent (TCP), Timbuktu, Mali (no website)

  • Special Award (Best of the Rest) -- Ty Waunarlwydd LocationSwansea Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea, Wales, UK (no website)

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