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Reader Feedback: What's Your Favorite Language Tool?
Reader Feedback: What's Your Favorite Language Tool?

How to Toast Oktoberfest - Drinking Toasts in Other Languages
Oktoberfest provides a good excuse to learn some bits of other languages: drinking toasts in other languages! Hey, why not? Any reason to learn bits of foreign lingo is a good reason, as learning the language anywhere is so crucial, and drinking toasts in other languages is fun. Right?

Forvo: Language Word Recordings to Hear Words Pronounced
Learning the lingo, or at some part, is a key component of troublefree travel abroad, but always one of the highest hurdles for us; thus we're always on the hunt for foreign language learning tools, and we're thrilled to discover a new winner in that perennial prowl: Forvo.com, a way useful website where you can hear language word recordings and hear words pronounced using different foreign accents corrrectly by native speakers.

Costa Rica Spanish
Putting fear of foolishness aside and attempting the basic words goes a long way in getting one around in Costa Rica, and knowing the local Costa Rican phrases is a major help. I just learned spme more Costa Rica Spanish from Costa Rica expert Kirsten Hubbard's "Talk Like a Tico," and you may find they'll come handy when you next head to that lovely land; check it out...

Spanish Schools in San Miguel de Allende
Get the rundown (literally) on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Spanish language schools in San Miguel de Allende. Hint: they may not be for you.

Yo Suis Perdu
Between learning a few phrases, strange gestures that are often highly entertaining to all, and a phrasebook, I can usually make myself understood in other languages; for obscure stuff, I've resorted to a parody of international Pictionary (there is no phrase in Spanish meaning a portable air conditioner that can be understood when uttered by a sweating, wild-eyed babbler, incidentally)...

Learning the Lingo en Espanol
Though I travel frequently among Spanish-speaking populations and have studied Spanish in classes and through various "refreshers" (a misnomer for me and Spanish), I have always struggled mightily with the language. Folks say, "But Spanish is easy!" Pour vous, I always thought, lapsing into typical linguistic confusion. I am in lovely Guadalajara now, and a miracle has happened...

Hablo Espanol... Sort Of -Language School in Guanajuato
I'm very pleased to report that I can make myself understood en Espanol better than ever before and, wildly enough, actually understand what people are saying to me, even if they don't force themselves to speak at 33 1/3 rpms for the benefit of my often addled non-bilingual brain, after finishing a week of Spanish language school in Guanajuato, Mexico (read more)...

Language School in Guanajuato
I'm down Mexico way sussing out the Spanish schools that may help me improve my terrible grasp of that lingo, and I've concluded from my brief (thus far) research that gorgeous Guanajuato is a great place to attend language school, with several "official" options as well as a multitude of folks ready to privately tutor, too, for (read more...)

Language Schoola in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
A few days, which is how long I just spent in San Miguel de Allende, may be too little time to make this judgment, but I think you can safely give this town in Mexico's hilly country east-ish of Guadalajara a miss without worrying that you've missed too much, though language schools in San Miguel de Allende might, maybe, be worth the trip (read more)...

Spanish Travel Language Basics - Spanish Travel Basic Words Phrases
Spanish Travel Language Basics - Spanish Travel Basic Words Phrases Lists and Pronunciations

Learning Spanish in Mexico
About's Guide to Mexico, Suzanne Barbezat, has written an excellent intro to learning Spanish in Mexico -- why, where, how and with whom. Learning Spanish in Mexico is an excellent way to get some insight into the country's scene -- the culture, the folks, the life. Check out this guide to learning Spanish in Mexico, get inspired, and viaja a Mexico, pronto.

Travel Phrase Recordings in French, German, Italian, Spanish
Prep for fast foreign talk with this cool language tool from Fodor's: hear useful travel phrase recordings in French, German, Italian and Spanish -- read foreign words, see the phonetic pronunciation and hear them spoken. Click and listen to recordings of useful travel phrases like, "Where is...?", "How much?", "I'm lost," and many more in...

Take Advantage of High School Classes
High schoolers - your school probably offers courses in basic languages. Take advantage! If you're college bound, you'll need two years of language - take the courses, become fluent for student travel, and fulfill college admission requirements! Many states also offer high school students the option to take language courses at a community college and your school pays tuition! Ask your counselor.

Spanish in Costa Rica
Knowing the local phrases in any country is a major help. We learned a few new ones from Costa Rica expert Kirsten Hubbard's "Talk Like a Tico" that will come handy in that lovely land... check it out.

ALTO - Association of Language Travel Organizations
Search the member database of ALTO, Association of Language Travel Organizations, for a vetted and reliable language travel outfit that can help you plan language travel. ALTO is under the umbrella of exceptionally excellent World Youth and Educational Student Travel, the premiere student travel organization in the world.

Learning Spanish Audio - Download Spanish Audio
Very cool -- we use this a lot to brush up on pronunciation. Download the Spanish audio for tons of Spanish phrases and words. Some of it is meant for farm workers, like irrigation phrases in Spanish, but it's largely handy stuff.

Spanish Language Course Followed by Student Job
don Quijote offers a (minimum) six week Spanish language course, after which you'll be placed in a job on the sunny coast of Spain as a bartender, amusement park attendant, waiter, kitchen assistant, waiter’s helper or hostess.

Learning Language Abroad for Younger Students
Language Courses Abroad is an institution devoted to young students wishing to study languages abroad during the summer. The company caters to students from six through 16, though they also provide services for students up to 20 years old. Students stay in residences or with host families while learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Greek or Portuguese.

Dictionaries are da Bomb
If you really want to learn a foreign language, you need a good dictionary. Casual travelers will also find dictionaries helpful, though the books are generally too big to carry on your journey (some are electronic, though). Find a selection of great international dictionaries here.

Learn the Language Where it's Spoken
Want to travel abroad to learn a language? Cultural Experiences Abroad offers the opportunity to learn the language in the country where it is actually spoken. The company takes care of you while you learn the lingo and the cultural idioms of 103 global areas.

Free Online Language Translation Tool
Free online Translation or pay for human translators: translate English to Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian and Chinese, or Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian to English.

How to Say "No" in Several Languages
Sometimes short and sweet is easiest - "no" with a smile or without is pretty easy to understand. Learn how to say the word no in many languages with this phonetic list.

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