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Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack With Travel Gadgets


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2 - Top Travel Laptops
Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack With Travel Gadgets

Snug as a Laptop in a Backpack

The best flashpacker laptops need DVD/CD players and preferably recorders, good wireless, photo editing capability, and must be very lightweight (you're carrying this laptop through airports and onto chicken buses on your own back -- possibly for months). That said, here are the recommendations:

Personally, I can't be separated from my itty bitty (but old) iBook when I'm traveling (taken a serious licking and kept on ticking). Apple not to your tooth? Scroll on down for some PC travel laptop lists.

Apple MacBook and MacBook Air

Though I'll be sticking with my iBook's perfectly travel-sized 12" screen over the new MacBooks' 13+" screens for now, you may have to try eBay for an iBook these days. Or look into the MacBook or MacBook Air -- personally, I'd take the regular MacBook over the Air as the Air just doesn't provide enough of what I also need at home (like it's got only one USB port and no firewire), but check it all out for yourself:

Traveling PC's

PC land had lots o' lightweight PC's suited to travel in 2008 -- check out a couple of lists:

While you're researching, read a great thread over at Engadget -- hundreds o' responses to a traveler's question regarding which laptop to lug around the world.

Where to tap the wires with your laptop? Locate a hotspot with a mini WiFi finder next.

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