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Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack With Travel Gadgets


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3 - Keychain Sized Mobile WiFi Finder
Keychain Sized Mobile WiFi Finder - Mobile Edge Mini WiFi Hotspot Locator

Keychain Sized Mobile WiFi Hotspot Locator

Photo courtesy Mobile Edge
Travelers will find a keychain sized wifi finder a boon; use it instead of booting up to locate a wifi hotspot. Imagine lugging an open laptop around a foreign city, watching a stumbler program while you stroll and looking for a place to get online. Not. Now, imagine clicking a button on the mini wifi hotspot locator in your pocket and finding a wifi connection just-like-that. Snag a comfy seat and pull out the laptop.

Very cool must-have item for a flashpacker. Almost a laptop backpack accessory, really -- you'll probably carry it in a cargo pants pocket.

Mobile Edge WiFi Signal Locator

  • World's smallest
  • Finds *only* wifi hotspots -- no false readings from microwave and portable phone signals
  • Detects 802.11B and G Networks

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