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Flashpacker Guide to Packing a Laptop Backpack With Travel Gadgets


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7 - Night Writer Pen and Travel Journal
Night Writer Travel Pen LED Light Pen Photo

Pen With a Night Light for Easy Journaling

Photo courtesy Magellan's
Who has time to journal when traveling? You, that's who -- if you have a Magellan's Night Writer pen and a cool travel journal. Write at night -- a hostel bed is a good place to jot down the day's travel memories and with a pen that lights your travel journal's pages, you won't disturb dorm mates. Slip a journal into your laptop backpack's front pocket and a Night Writer Pen into one of the pen sleeves -- write now.

Night Writer Pen

  • Built-in blue LED light illuminates page with a click.
  • Needs three watch batteries (included) -- comes with three additional batteries and two black ink refills
  • 5-1/2" L x 3/4" W; 1 oz.

    Buy the pen direct from Magellan's

Moleskine Travel Journal (Moleskine Info Book Travel Journal)

Low tech rules in the travel journal world -- online journals are fine, but sites go down or close... and a real journal can live in your mementoes box forever. Try a world-famous Moleskine journal -- it's a joy to use and when you get home, you'll be glad you journaled.
  • Sturdy, oilcloth bound travel journal divided into bed, food, people, sights and facilities laminated and tabbed sections
  • Elastic book closure, black ribbon placeholder and cardboard accordion pocket
  • Made in Italy with acid-free paper pages

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