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Find student travel blogs and travel podcasts, photos and maps to inspire and help you travel. Also includes a student travel blogroll, too.

Glimpse Student Travel Photography and Travel Writing Contests
Bookmark the student travel photo contest site at GlimpseFoundation.org for spring entry -- one good reason to take photos when you travel. And you can win $500 in travel from student travel agency STA as an added bonus for a job well done. Learn more about the Glimpse FOundation's annual student travle photo contest.

What Is a Copyrighted Image? What Does Copyright Mean in Image Use?
What Is a Copyrighted Image? What Does Copyright Mean in Image Use?

Dorm Room Cooking and Recipes
Can't face the dining hall? If you're in Nice, you might love it - if you're in Prague, you might not. And sometimes, when cramming, you just don't hsve time to leave your dorm room to eat. Make the best of it!

Bicycle Reviews and Buying
Bicycle season is here! Buying tips and reviews and the wisdom of buying used or at swap meets.

iToors Travel Podcast Review - Walking Tour of Musical Glasgow
Travel podcast review: iToors musical Glasgow walking tour travel podcast review. Underground music venues, insider tips, Glasgow bars and cafes, and thrift store shopping. Hip tunes and insider tips create an exciting ambience in this Glasgow podcast.

US Topo Maps- Delorme, National Geographic and the USGS
Topo (topographical) maps of the United States - Delorme gazetteers, National Geographic trail topo maps and USGS topo maps for hiking and traveling in the US back country.

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