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US Maps - Comprehensive Maps of the United States of America

US Driving, Physical and Info Maps


US Maps - Comprehensive Maps of the United States of America

Americana Roadside Attractions

Heading out into your own backyard or planning a long road trip across the US? US maps will be crucial - find free online, printable maps or buy hard copy maps and atlases of the United States of America and its territories as well as practical or esoteric maps: physical, topo, scenic, sightseeing, driving routes, city maps, US state capitals and maps accompanied by city or state by state information.

US Map Resources

  • US Maps by State - detailed map choices for all states and territories from your Geography About Guide. Includes free printable maps, blank United States maps, info on each state's capital, famous residents and geologic data.

  • Maps On Us offers the usual online address search engine and resultant custom maps and driving routes with a very cool addition: while you're viewing your map, click on radio buttons to the side and the map will be populated with icons representing nearby eating and drinking establishments. Click on the icons and get addresses, phone numbers and maps for coffee shops, brew pubs and other spots you need to know about.

  • US City Maps - City-data.com has actually gotten very useful lately, and now has thousands of United States city maps with local resident stats, user-submitted facts, similar cities list, top 100 cities summary (sorted by criteria such as most females, among others) and weather forecasts.

  • Eisenhower Interstate System - 65,000 miles of US international highways and the story behind the nation's highway infrastructure, which was initially developed for military use. (Interesting trivia: interstate highways outside military facilities are reinforced to support the landing of military aircraft. More history...)

  • National Highway System - not to be confused with the Eisenhower Interstate System, the NHS focuses on connecting transport modales: major freeways and two lane roads with train station, bus and ferry terminal, airport locales and more.

  • US Topo Maps - Topo (topographical) maps of the United States - Delorme gazetteers, National Geographic trail topo maps and USGS topo maps for traveling in the US back country.

Useful Info Maps

  • Weather Maps from the Weather Channel. Lots of options with all the detailed weather info the television station offers with no wait for your local forecast. Find weather forecasts for every scenario:

      - Travel: Travel forecast, business travel, vacation planner
      - Driving: Driving forecast, interstate forecast, scenic drives, Green Vehicles, rush hour
      - Events: Events forecast, sporting and special events, Major League Baseball
      - Recreation: Recreation forecast, boat & beach, outdoors, ski
      - World: World weather forecasts & international sites
      - News: News Center, storm watch, tropical update

  • US Time Zone Map

    Buy US Maps and Guidebooks

    Compare Prices "American Map" Road Atlas, 2009 United States

    Compare Prices Lonely Planet's Road Trip Route 66 (published 2003 and still great)

    Compare Prices "The Most Scenic Drives in America" (published 2005)

    Compare Prices The New Roadside America (wacky and wild Americana sightseeing published in 1992 and utterly cool)

    Enjoy the road trip!

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