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Travel Money: Travel Budget, Debit Cards, Exchange Rates, ATMs

Travel money: Travel budget, debit cards, exchange rates, ATM's, currency converters, currency calculators, foreign currency photos - all about money for student travel.
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How to Hide Your Money While Traveling
Learn how to hide money while traveling -- check out money belts and socks with secret pockets that hide travel money, sew your own thief-proof pockets in pants or bras for hiding travel money and get a few travel money tips.

6 Ways For Students to Save Money While Traveling
A comprehensive guide for students on how to save to save money while traveling, covering accommodation, food and the cheapest destinations

Ways to Spend Leftover Foreign Change
Top Five Ways to Spend Leftover Foreign Change

Duty Free Shopping
The minute you deplane and walk into an international airport, you'll see duty free shops enticing you to buy goods at what appears to be a discount. Find out what "duty free" means and whether it's worth spending money on duty free goods from About.com Guide Mark Kahler.

Filing Taxes From Overseas - How to File Taxes From Overseas
If you're outside the US - working abroad, traveling abroad, or studying abroad - remember that April 15 is a big date in the US: tax returns are due to the IRS (if you're truly living abroad, though, you've probably got an automatic filing extension). You can file taxes from overseas, and if you're working abroad and living abroad, you may not...

Exchange Rate - Definition of Exchange Rate - Exchange Rate
Exchange rate - what is the definition of exchange rate? What is an exchange rate? What is the definition of exchange rate as it applies to travel? What is the current foreign exchange rate? How can I find the exchange rate when I travel? How much is my money worth with the exchange rate?

Foreign Coins - Give Away Foreign Coins
Leftover money isn't much of a problem in student travel -- most students are on a tight budget and every last farthing gets spent abroad. You may come home with foreign coins in your pocket after getting change from the last bus ride to the airport, though. What to do with those leftover foreign coins? Donate them to Change for Good - give...

Stash Cash Safely in a Money Belt
Stash cash safely in a money belt while on your student travel adventure. Looks like a normal belt; only you know that the interior of the money belt zips open to reveal a secret compartment where you can hide your money.

Foil Muggers With Fake Wallet
Foil muggers with a fake or dummy wallet - avoid being robbed or mugged with a simple solution.

Get Help If You Go Broke While Traveling Internationally
Robbed? Lost your wallet? Broke and desperate? Relax - Uncle Sam can help. Get tips on how to avoid finding yourself penniless abroad here, too.

Saving For Travel: Creating a Budget
Creating a travel budget is essential before a big trip. Learn how to calculate your expenses and work out how much you'll be able to save each month.

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