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How to Hide Your Money While Traveling

Stash your cash abroad with money belts and pockets


Peeking Out  www.rei.com/product/749322 The money belt I took with me to Nicaragua.
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Hiding money while traveling is key -- where and how to do it?

Money Belts

Money belts are a tried and true way to hide money while traveling. I often stash cash in a buttoned or zipped cargo pants pocket, but money belts have their place, like while you're wearing a skirt; I've hidden backup bucks in a money belt that stays in my locked backpack back at the room, too. Some money belts look like belts, and some are cloth pouches worn against the skin.

Secret Money Pockets

One famous traveler has designed his own thief-proof pants pocket for keeping a credit card safe on the road, and some folks like socks with a secret pocket for money and credit cards, though I've not tried those. And a few handy-with-a-needle women sew money-hiding pockets inside bras, where a mugger may not wish to fish -- just tack a piece of fabric near a strap and fold a few big bills into it, or follow About's Sewing Guide's Debbie Colgrove's Bra Money pocket pattern made just for this (we collaborated a bit, and she came up with an ingenious snap arrangement you should see).

Top Travel Money Tips

However you hide your money while traveling, remember these travel money tips:

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