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Money Belts Hide Cash, Traveler's Checks and Papers

Safe Cash Stashing in Style


Canvas Money Belt from National Geographic Online Store

Leather Money Belt from National Geographic Online Store

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How to stash cash while traveling? Check out a list of cash-stashing tips, or read about money belts below.

About Money Belts

Hiding travel money in money belts may bring you a bit of travel peace of mind. You can buy regular belts that are really money belts or cloth money pouches, also called money belts, that are worn under your clothes. Use money belts to keep traveler's checks and document copies on your body, too. Although thieves know all about these things, it's extremely (completely) unlikely that they're going to try to undress you to get at your stashed cash if you've got it zipped into a money belt.

All "regular" money belts have in common a hidden compartment within the belt. Turn the belt inside out and open a zippered compartment, stash your cash, zip up, thread the belt through your loops and stroll the streets in safety.

What Do Money Belts Look Like?

Regular money belts look just like normal belts, and under-clothes money pouches, also called money belts, look like what they are -- cloth pouches with strings. Money belts disguised as regular belts come in a few styles - dressy, casual, leather, canvas - even Western. (Click on the pic above/right to see some options.)

"Regular" Money Belt Styles

  • The nylon web, multi-size Eagle Creek All Terrain stylizes your life in a few colors. Trim off excess to custom fit waist sizes 32" - 50". Compare Prices

  • National Geographic's online store carries a leather money belt that you might like (pictured above/right). Buy direct from National Geographic.

  • Basic leather belts are always a good bet, and the Travelon is a decent option, though (like most money belts) skinny enough to be your grandfather's. Compare Prices

  • A money belt that you don't have to take off at airport security: of course. Buy direct from Beltoutlet.com.

    Here a Money Belt, There a Cloth Pouch...

    Cloth money pouches, which look like cloth pouches, are usually dubbed money belts; tied with a cloth string, they're worn around the waist or neck and against the skin - unobtrusive only if you're wearing baggy duds. Regular money belts generally have at least a 14" zippered compartment, meaning most fit 32" and larger waists; if you need a smaller cash stash, body hugging money pouches are the thing to wear. Lewis N. Clark makes a nice one with a lingerie feel; Eagle Creek offers a good unisex money pouch for waist or neck.

    (My thoughts: would you wear one of these on the streets of New York? If so, go ahead and get one for travel overseas. I never use one, though, partially because they slide around and are bulky and uncomfortable to me, and I have never had money stolen off my body in any country abroad -- I stash my cash in other ways. These pouches do serve a purpose for many folks, though, especially for peace of mind once outside Western Europe.)

    Compare Prices Lewis N. Clark "Waist Stash" Money Pouch for Women
    Compare PricesEagle Creek "Silk Undercover" Money Pouch
    Compare PricesSilk Neck Pouch

    Tip: if money lives in your belt when you're not wearing it, make sure it's well stashed in your locked baggage.

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