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Cabelas Men's Zip Off Travel Pants

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Cabelas Men's Zip Off Travel Pants Photo

Cabelas Men's Travel Pants Zip Off for Shorts

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The Bottom Line

Cabelas Guidewear men's zip off pants are great for travel -- zip off the legs when the sun gets hot, and pack the many pockets with everything from guidebooks to sunscreen and a sacklunch. The waist can gather on a skinny guy, but they're handy travelers. Add a traveler's money belt and you'll be carrying everything you need.


  • Free hemming from Cabelas
  • Light but sturdy
  • Lots and lots of pockets


  • Waist might be suspiciously grandfather-like


  • "Convertible" legs zip off to make shorts.
  • Lightweight, quick drying Supplex® fabric.
  • Six deep pockets.
  • Partial elastic waist.
  • Zipper fly and button closure.
  • Waist size S-5XL - pants hemmed after ordering to 35 1/2" inseam.
  • Colors: green, sand, sage (light green), and cork (khaki).

Guide Review - Cabelas Men's Zip Off Travel Pants

Let's talk pockets.

Travelers need pockets,and you don't need to be bonefishing in Belize to appreciate the six pockets boasted by Cabelas men's zip off pants. Two back pockets close not just with zippers, but with velcro to boot. A zippered security pocket and a velcro closure patch pocket live on top of two very deep front cargo pockets. That would be six pockets.

These Cabelas pants' pockets feature quality as well as quantity, too: they're deeper than a self-help book. Very thoughtful design.

Let's talk fabric.

Supplex® is sort of a miracle fiber. Dries fast and keeps you cool on the hottest jungle trek. Comfortable and sorta stretchy without the slightest sansabelt whisper. Very sweet.

The tough part of owning Cabelas Guidewear men's zip off travel pants is emptying the pockets -- the contents will fill a hotel's nightstand.

Work well with:

Decent pants that will get lots of wear -- fishing or not, you'll be hooked.

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