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Mexico food is reason enough to travel to the lovely land down south, and the street food is especially fine. Check out some food from Mexico mercados, street stands and restaurants, and start planning your Mexico travel to git you some.
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Mexico Juice Stand photoBaja Juice StandMexico Photos - Mexico Color - Photo Fruit in Roadside Mexico GroceryRoadside Fruit Stand, MexicoStreet Food in Mexico - Roasted Corn Vendor in PatzcauroRoasted Corn in PatzcuaroFruit and Vegetable Market in MexicoMercado Fruit and Veggies
Guadalajara mercado, Guadalajara centro, MexicoGuadalajara MercadoMexico Candy Store PhotoRosarito Beach Candy StoreSenoritas in pepper stall, Mexico - Explorica Mexico Tour 2005Acapulco Chile SellersChurros in Guadalajara -- Mexico Street FoodChurros in Guadalajara
Horno stove in La Barra de Potosi, Mexico photoHorno Stove in Barra de PotosiMexico Mercado Market Aisle photoMexico Mercado FoodFish Tacos photo from Puerto vallartaFish Tacos in Puerto VallartaZihuatenjo Fish Market in Zihuatenejo MexicoMexico Fish Market
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