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A Photo Tribute to Mexico Beauty


Mexico pictures: Mexico is a naturally vibrant place, and vibrant color can be found everywhere. Think of a cactus fruit -- spiky gray-green skin peeled away to reveal a sweet, juicy ruby. Mexico is like that -- down what seems a plain and dusty street will be a guaranteed splash of gorgeous color in a woman's shawl, a tablecloth, a painted wall. Enjoy a few pictures of Mexico's beauty and color.

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Mexico photos - ironwork spelling out Vade Retro on gate, Patzcuaro, MexicoIron Gate, PatzcuaroMexico Photo - fruit in market, Tancitaro, MexicoRoadside Grocery, Tancitaro, MexicoMexico photo - Day of the dead float, Mexico City, MexicoDay of the Dead Float, Mexico CityMexico Photo - Dawn in TaxcoDawn in Taxco, Mexico
Mexico photo - brick wall and colorBrick Wall With a Blue Dress OnMeixco Photos - Mexico Color - Zihuatanejo MercadoMercado Flower Stall, ZihuatanejoMeixco Photos - Mexico ColorShades of Brown in PatzcuaroMeixco Photos - Still Life With TequilaStill Life with Tequila
Mexico Photos - Cuernavaca ChurchChurch Walls in CuernavacaYellow Wall and Flowers, MoreliaYellow Wall and BenchAcapulco Mercado PhotoMercado StallMeixco Photos - Mexico ColorMore Walls Wearing Dresses
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