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ETN Buses at Mexico Bus Station

Buses in Mexico


If you're taking a first class Mexico bus like ETN, you'll be greeted by a hostess handing out sandwiches and soft drinks.
ETN Bus Hostess at Mexico Bus Station

ETN Bus Hostess, Mexico Bus Station

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I've been on a few long distance buses in Mexico, and it's always a very pleasant and relaxing experience... much more so than, say, flying in the US. Although Mexico has great budget airlines in-country, I'd take the bus instead any day (if I had a few days, that is).

Mexico has excellent in-country buses, as well as a plethora of local buses ranging from not-so-converted school buses to beauty min-vans. And VW vans, of course. Check out some photos of Mexico buses.

How to Catch a Local Bus in Mexico

Stand by the side of the road or city street, looking into traffic, and raise an arm when you see a bus approaching -- it will probably pull over. You can usually get off by hailing the bus driver at any point along the bus's journey. The buses often run on a schedule; ask a local. The farther away from population centers you get, the farther apart buses will be (like hours or days), so ask someone, like a bartender or shop clerk, when the buses run in the area to which you're headed.

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