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Guadalajara Bus Station Loading Area

Guadalajara Bus Station


Getting on a first class bus in Mexico -- the stations are very much like Greyhound; if you've ridden a Greyhound, you can ride a Mexico bus.
Guadalajara Bus Station

Guadalajara Bus Station

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Riding a first class in Mexico is a far more pleasant experience than riding a Greyhound bus in the United States. The bus stations in Mexico are generally cleaner and safer than those in big US cities, and plenty of helpful folks are usually standing about. You can buy a ticket in advance on a first class Mexico bus like ETN or Primera which reserves your seat (and you can choose your seat -- pick a solo seat if you can). Buy a ticket through a travel agency or at the bus station -- Guadalajara's bus station is pictured.

How to Catch a Local Bus in Mexico

Stand by the side of the road or city street, looking into traffic, and raise an arm when you see a bus approaching -- it will probably pull over. You can usually get off by hailing the bus driver at any point along the bus's journey. The buses often run on a schedule; ask a local. The farther away from population centers you get, the farther apart buses will be (like hours or days), so ask someone, like a bartender or shop clerk, when the buses run in the area to which you're headed.

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