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Mexico Backpacker, Student Accommodations - Mexico Hostels by City


Mayan Hostel Cancun, Cancun, Mexico, dorm room photo

Mayan Hostel Cancun Dorm Room

(c) Mayan Hostel Cancun

Top Cancun youth hostels:

Reviews, prices, reservations links and maps for the top hostels in Cancun, Mexico. Amazingly cheap and nice -- figure on less than $15 / night.

Top Cozumel budget lodging:

Budget in Cozumel means less than $40. Cozumel is cute and quieter than nearby Cancun, but Cancun is cheaper and you can always grab a ferry for a day trip to the island of Cozumel.

Top Acapulco youth hostel:

I like the Kingdom Youth Hostel, but management changed in early 2006. We'll keep you posted on whether the Acapulco hostel is still one of the best in the world. In the meantime:

Top places to stay in Tulum:

Includes a place to camp in backpacker's beach paradise Tulum, cheap cabanas (thatched roof beach huts, sometimes with beds, sometimes with hammocks) and one spendy but nice beach hotel. You may also want to check out the Tulum student travel guide.

Guadalajara Hostels:

Guadalajara's best hostel is calm and cute Hostel de Maria. The family-owned Hostel de Maria faces a quiet plaze and street in Guadalajara's friendly Nueve Esquinas neighborhood, just blocks from colonial Guadalajara's famous city center. Check out some photos and get more info, including how to grab the Tequila Express tour bus:

You may also want to compare the Hostel de Maria with the Hostel Guadaljara Centro.

Puerto Vallarta Hotels:

As in any Mexico resort, plenty of Puerto Vallarta hotels are all-inclusive, which you'll especially like for spring break hotels (means that, usually, all drinks and most meals are included), and the service in every Puerto Vallarta hotel I've been in has been great. Restaurants are Americanish (and the waiter will probably try to sell you a timeshare) -- the nightlife in local clubs is terrific, though. Check out some photos of Puerto Vallarta hotels, as well as addresses and links to booking Puerto Vallarta hotels and Puerto Vallarta nightlife photos

Rosarito Beach Hotels:

Find your Rosarito Beach hotel for spring break and prepare to party at some decent Baja clubs just south of the San Diego border in Rosarito Beach, Mexico with some photos and details on Rosarito Beach hotels. No passport needed in Rosarito Beach when traveling by land -- fly into San Diego, hop the bus, grab a cab or rent a car and drive safely and easily into Mexico (more on driving in Mexico in links below). Enjoy the Rosarito Beach hotel and nightlife photos (get booking information on these Rosarito Beach hotels, too -- or go to photos of what to do in Rosarito Beach).

Camping and campgrounds in Mexico:

Camping is totally doable in Mexico, and a great budget lodging choice.

More Lodging?

More Mexico cities popular with student travelers are on the way... in the meantime, if you've thoughts or reviews on Mexico student travel accommodations, please post them in the Student Travel forum.

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