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New Year's Eve Worldwide - International New Year's Eve Celebrations

New Year's Eve Worldwide - International New Year's Eve Celebrations
  1. New Year's in New York

New Year's Eve Parties Worldwide - Find International New Year's Eve P
New Year's Eve parties worldwide - find international New Year's Eve parties like Hogmanay in Edinburgh or in Las Vegas, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Rome and Rio.

Scotland's Hogmanay New Years Eve Party
Hogmanay - Scotland's Hogmanay New Years Eve Party

How Many Times Can You Celebrate New Year's Eve in Spain?
How many times can you celebrate New Year's Eve in Spain? Perhaps five, if you follow this guide from Damian Corrigan to New Year's Eve in Spain.

New Year's Eve Party in Berlin - New Year at Brandenburg Gate
On New Year's Eve, Berlin throws just about the biggest open-air New Year's Eve party in the world. With more than a million people welcoming the New Year in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin New Year's Eve party even tops the New Year's festivities in New York and London. See how to celebrate the New Year in Berlin with live music, dancing, laser shows, and spectacular fireworks.

New Year's Eve in Brazil
New Year's Eve marks the date for Festa de Iemanjá in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Crowds head to the beaches to offer flowers and gifts to Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Water in the Brazilian Umbanda religion.

New Year's Eve in Germany
New Year's Eve in Germany is a party scene - celebrations and fireworks. Time honored traditions abound, of course - and an interesting new one is explained here: watching "Dinner for One."

Chinese New Year's Eve - New Year's Eve in China
The Chinese New Year's Eve celebration is a family affair - there are parties to be had on New Year's in China, but wild revelry is not the order of the day; you might enjoy a more traditional New Year's Eve if you are visiting China on December 31st. Learn more...

New Year's Eve in Japan
The month of December, or shiwasu, means "teachers run around," according to Shizuko Mishima, About Guide to Japan for Visitors - it's a busy month in Japan. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Japan are quiet family times, but December sees a certain amount of inebriation. Learn about Japanese New Year's traditions.

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