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Favorite US Cities for Student Travel


Favorite US Cities for Student Travel

Chelsea Hostel, New York

(c) Kathleen Crislip
Where are student travelers heading in the good ole US? A recent poll by Smartertravel.com shows that students' twelve favorite US cities have much in common - they're large, have interesting histories and plenty to see and do, including awesome music scenes.

Top Twelve Cities for Student Travelers

1. New York - bright lights, big city - can't resist this: take a bite out of the Big Apple! What to see and do? Find out from Heather Cross, About Guide to New York City for Visitors:

  • Seasons in New York City
  • Current Month in New York City
  • One Day Tour of New York City
  • NYC Travel Planner
  • How To Get Discount Broadway Tickets
  • Best of New York City
  • Plan Your Trip to NYC
  • New York City Basics
  • New York City Maps
  • Attractions & Landmarks
  • Bars, Music & Nightlife
  • Broadway Shows
  • Budget Travel
  • Holidays, Seasons & Events
  • Hotels in New York City
  • Chelsea Hostel and Chelsea neighborhood photos
  • Museums in NYC
  • New York City Restaurants
  • New York Pictures
  • Shopping in New York
  • Tours of New York City

    Compare Prices Practical and Eclectic Guides to New York City

    2. Las Vegas - the city that never stops. Sin City. Family fun. Circuses. Racetracks. Amusement parks. Mountain bike riding. Night life that goes on all day, too. Pirates. Fabulous art. Cheap dives and fantastical luxury hotels. About Guide to Las Vegas for Visitors, Zeke Quezada, tells you all about it. Viva Las Vegas!

  • Las Vegas for Visitors
  • Adult Entertainment - includes the top seven ways to get in trouble in Las Vegas!
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Las Vegas Wedding - but what will you tell Mom and Dad?
  • Entertainment
  • Dining
  • Downtown Vegas
  • Gambling
  • Maps of Las Vegas
  • Nightlife
  • Shows - the Blue Man Group rules
  • Picture Gallery
  • Conventions
  • Guide Picks

    Compare Prices Practical and Eclectic Guides to Las Vegas

    Compare Prices "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's classic

    3. Orlando - there is a lot more here than Disney World! Theresa Johnston, About Guide to Orlando, gives us the sunny side up inside story.

  • A-Z Listings
  • Florida Web Cams
  • Internet Specials
  • Monthly Events Calendar
  • Walt Disney World
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Attractions
  • Cities and Government
  • Community & Interests
  • Education & Libraries
  • Employment
  • Food, Drink & Nightlife
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relocation
  • Shopping and Services
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Visiting Orlando

    See some other Orlando visitor's guides and tips from Dawn Henthorn, About Guide to Florida for Visitors.

    Compare Prices Orlando Guidebooks

    4. Los Angeles - surfing, shopping, sun and stars (of the silver screen variety, that is). LA is a mecca for people watching and adventure for the young and young at heart. Let's get an insider's glimpse of the City of Angels from Kayte Deioma, About Guide to Los Angeles Travel, and Shana Tang Lipton, About's Guide to Los Angeles life.

  • Compare and Review Water Parks in So Cal
  • Photo Tours - Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Los Angeles Day Tours - Sightseeing Fun
  • Los Angeles Restaurant Reviews
  • Los Angeles Weather Forecasts
  • Fun Things To Do - Day Trips
  • Dining - Drinks - Recipes
  • Lodging / Hotels
  • Pictures - Photos - WebCams
  • Shopping - Malls-Districts
  • Sports-Recreation-Fitness
  • Transportation

    See some other Los Angeles visitor's guides and tips from Betsy Malloy, About Guide to California for Visitors.

    Compare Prices Eclectic and Practical Los Angeles Guidebooks and Maps

    5. San Diego - named in 1602 after a Spansh explorer's ship, San Diego is a sunny slice of paradise. About Guide to San Diego, Inigo Figuracion, gives us a tour.

  • San Diego Concerts
  • The Top 10 Shopping Malls
  • About and Around San Diego
  • Indian Casinos
  • Visiting the City
  • Entertainment and the Arts
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Uniquely San Diego

    See some other San Diego visitor's guides and tips from Betsy Malloy, About Guide to California for Visitors.

    Compare Prices Eclectic and Practical San Diego Guidebooks and Maps

    6. Chicago - the Windy City is the home of some fine music and famous steak and chop houses. Take a tour and finds the cool tunes, hot restaurants and the town's shady ganster past with Virginia Soto, About Guide to Chicago.

  • Chicago on a Budget
  • Al Capone / Gangsters
  • Landmarks
  • Attractions
  • Food / Drink
  • History / Research
  • Newspapers, Radio, TV
  • Sports / Team Venues
  • Travel / Tourism

    Compare Prices Eclectic and Practical Chicago Guidebooks

    Local Hostels

  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Chicago

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