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Which Airports Have Full Body Scanners?


CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 15: A sign informs travelers about Millimeter Wave Detection technology used in full body scanners at Midway Airport December 15, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Transportation
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Question: Which Airports Have Full Body Scanners?
Which airports have full body scanners? Across the US, 65 airports now have xray full body scanners, at airports security. Here's a list of the US airports that have full body scanners so you can know before you go whether the TSA wants to see you naked:

You can also find a constantly updated list at the FlyersTalk Forum.

The millimeter wave machines were tested at Phoenix's Sky Harbor and LA's LAX airports beginning in 2006/7. Americans didn't complain, and we now have the above 65 airports where we can either let the TSA see us naked, or receive an aggressive body search / patdown from a TSA employee. The body imaging, or millimeter wave imaging machines, or TSA full body scanners, scan a passenger on all sides and transmit the image of the passenger's body, without clothing, to a TSA agent seated 50-100 feet away from the TSA scanner. The object is to identify concealed (purposely or not) metal, plastics, ceramics, chemical materials and explosives via millimeter wave technology.

Comment: Will You Walk Through An X Ray Scanner?

What do you think? Will you agree to walk through a full body imaging machine at the airport? Comment or read comments on the TSA's full body scanners.

Comment: Have You Had a TSA Patdown?

Have you opted out of the full body scanner and had a TSA patdown under the new, more aggressively gropey guidelines? What did you think? Would you choose a patdown over the scanner again? Comment or read comments on TSA patdowns.

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