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Air to Asia - Cheap Tickets To and in Asia

Asia Cheap Tickets Made Easy


Discovery Airpass Route Screenshot - Asia Air Pass Route Map

Discovery Airpass Route

Courtesy Bangkok Air
"No-frills travel" is something students are familiar with - student travelers may have coined the term. The rest of the travel world is catching on, though, and no-frills airlines, no frills hotels and even no frills budget cruises (yep, easyCruise) are becoming big business. Air to Asia and in and around Asia has long been a budget buy -- no frills is nothing new for air in Asia.

Cheap air in Asia abounds -- how to find it?

Attitude Travel Finds Cheap Asia Air

Your student travel goal: cheap tickets to Thailand. Does $48.50 USD roundtrip Bangkok - Phuket work? Found it on One Two Go Thailand airline. Found that through Attitude Travel's Asia air section.

Wish the site had an Asia air price comparison table, but just finding obscure (to us) Asia airlines like Tiger Airways or Air Do is pretty bonus. Find cheap Asia air by country or airline...countries and airports covered: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Many Asia airfares are in the originating country's currency -- you'll need a currency converter while you surf Asia airline websites. Try the XE currency converter.

Discovery Airpass

From the fantastically thorough folks at Travelfish, a great Southeast Asia travel site for backpackers and flashpackers, came news of a cool way to fly cheaply in Southeast Asia: the Discovery Airpass.

The Discovery Airpass works on a coupon system from Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines and Siem Reap Airways. Most of the participating airlines' routes are included, and dates are flexible, though all coupons (you must purchase a minimum of three) must be used within two months of the first flight. You probably can't purchase the pass in Thailand, and probably must purchase through a travel agent.

Learn more about the pass and where to buy:

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