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Airplane Seat Planning


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Find Your Plane to Find Your Seat
SeatGuru.com Airline Selection Screenshot

Select Your Airline and Plane Code

SeatGuru.com Screenshot
SeatGuru.com shows you airplane seat maps online so you can find whether your airplane seat is over a wing or next to a lavatory. If you dislike your seat assignment after checking your placement with Seat Guru, call the airline and request a seat change.

Once you begin looking into airplane seating, you'll find vast seat options. To learn about the seat you have been assigned using Seat Guru, you must first find your plane.

Start by getting out your airplane travel itinerary and heading for SeatGuru.com. Find your airline from the list at the left side of the SeatGuru.com home page. Seat Guru offers seat maps (seating charts) for the larger airplane bodies.

Airlines at Seat Guru

    Air Canada
    Air France
    Air Tran
    Alaska / Horizon
    America West
    American Airlines (AA)
    British Airways
    Cathay Pacific
    Delta / Song
    Independence Air
    Singapore Air
    United / TED
    US Airways
    Virgin Atlantic

SeatGuru.com allows you to mouse over an airline name and see its planes. To find my asigned seat or a seat I want, I'll find my plane on my itinerary - I'm looking for a three digit plane code meaning "equipment type"; my plane code on my itinerary is 744. I mouse over British Airways and choose a Boeing 747 followed by my plane code (744; shown in screenshot above) - I'll click that to see more about the plane on which I'll be flying.

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