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Airplane Seat Planning


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Request a Seat Change
British Airways Check In Kiosk Screen

British Airways Check In Kiosk Screen

BritishAirways.com Screenshot
After reviewing my assigned seat's options, I think I want to try for a different seat. I'll note a few seats I like, call the airline and request a seat change. Preparing a list of several possible seat options before I call the airline means I'm more likely to get a seat I like. When I call the airline, I'll also have my itinerary and my eticket handy.

(What do I *really* like? I like seat 2K in First class; Seat Guru tells me it is "coveted by many." When I call the airline, I'll ask how much an upgrade to First class will cost.)

Note: You can also ask for a seat change when you check in if the seat you like is not available when you call the airline; someone may have cancelled and freed up a seat by the time you arrive at the airport. Some airlines also offer check-in kiosks at the airport; you can use the kiosk's interface to choose a seat or change your exisitng seat assignment (shown above).

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