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Student travel planning: find student airfare, student travel guides and student accommodations before you travel: student party guide, best beaches, train, plane and bus fares / schedules, car rentals, camping / backpacking info and the rest of the 411.
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6 Ways For Students to Save Money While Traveling
A comprehensive guide for students on how to save to save money while traveling, covering accommodation, food and the cheapest destinations

Go Big, Get Started With Student Travel By Trying Something New!
Want to travel and don't know where to start? Start simple: get started with student travel by trying something new! Keep it simple, keep it cheap, and you'll be ready for a bigger leap in no time. Good planning guide to a few easy travel things!

Student Travel Planning
Before you travel, do some student travel planning -- life on the road will be easier if you know what you need and at least a little about where you're going, what you're doing, how you'll get there and where you can stay. Read a complete student travel planning roundup -- this is Student Travel 101.

Airport Security Rules and Fines
Airport security rules are on of the premier hassles of airplane travel, but knowing what the airport rules are in advance will help hugely. Learn what the airport security rules are before you go, get through the process, and get on with the fun part: travel!

Student Travel - Applying for an American Passport
Time to travel! Getting a passport's an easy first step. Learn how to apply for your first American passport and what materials you'll need to complete the passport application process.

Student Travel 101
Student travel 101 and student travel planning -- a student travel information hub with everything you need to know about student travel, including passports, visas, shots, where to go for student travel, volunteer, work, study abroad, student travel tour groups, hostels, backpacking Europe, Eurail passes and more on student travel.

Electronic Tickets Simplify Student Travel
Electronic air tickets - e-tickets - are a great boon for student travelers who may not have a snail mail address at which they can receive printed airline tickets. Use a cyber cafe to print your airline ticket yourself and wing your way to your next destination with minimum hassle.

Top Reasons to Travel After Graduation
Chances are good that your parents didn't travel after high school (and maybe don't know why you should, either). And after you graduate from college, it's implied that you'll go straight to work for the rest of your young-enough-to-travel life. UK students, on the other hand, take a gap year... you should, too. Why? A few reasons...

Student Travel Blog - Student Travel News and Blog
The Student Travel blog provides regular updates on student travel news, student travel discounts, student travel world events, fun student travel stuff you might want to know like concerts in Europe, student airfare news and a student travel blogroll. Stay current on student travel with the Student Travel blog.

Go Backpacking in Europe
Want to go backpacking in Europe? Check out a FAQ designed to answer key questions before you go backpacking in Europe. Interviews, reviews, personal backpacking Europe experience combined for a great backpacking Europe FAQ: what to take, where to go, and how to do backpacking Europe on the cheap. No bedbugs. No ramen noodles. Unless you want 'em.

Student Travel Documents - Get Student Travel Documents
Everything you need to know about student travel documents - the travel documents you need to get before student travel, like passports and visas and how to get them, and travel documents you might need for some countries, like vaccination records. Step by step guide on getting your first American passport and about passport problems, and...

How to Get Student Travel Discounts
How to get student travel discounts -- a collection of in-depth student discount articles and tips, including student airfare finders and all about student travel discount cards. Student discounts on buses, trains and planes in the US and abroad examined, and Eurail passes at student discounts explained. Oh joy!

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