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All about student travel destinations - where to go, with country descriptions and the kind of work abroad or study abroad available by country, and how to get there, where to stay there, like hostels, and what to do there, like the top concerts and music festivals in Europe.
  1. Accommodation Options
  2. Traveling by Train
  3. Traveling by Plane
  4. Traveling by Bus
  5. Traveling by Car
  6. Student Travel Destinations
  1. What to Do There
  2. Travel Safety and Emergencies on the Road
  3. Travel Health and Personal Care
  4. International Maps
  5. Travel Journaling - Be There Now and Later

Accommodation Options

Bungalow in Koh Lipe © Lauren Juliff

Most students will opt to stay in guesthouses and hostels as they travel around the world, and for good reason too. They're extremely affordable and they make it easy for you to meet other travelers. However, these aren't your only options. You could also try homestays, couchsurfing or even housesitting. You can nail down your first week or two of hostel reservations and let the grapevine tell you where to go next, or make some rock solid plans using the reviews and photos you'll find here.

Traveling by Train

Thalys Train Picture - Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam

Train passes with student discounts exist almost worldwide -- even in the US, student travelers can get a deal on Amtrak. Learn about Eurail passes and more about riding the rails 'round the world.

Traveling by Plane

A beautiful sunset at Ho Chi Minh City airport © Lauren Juliff

Cheap airlines are the biggest boon to budget travelers (that's you!) in this century. Of course, you can't quite see the country as you travel high above it, but budget airline travel is cheap, fast and inconvenient (you heard us). Cheap airlines internationally, like Europe's RyanAir and Easyjet, Mexico's Volaris and Asia's AirAsia are somewhat akin to airlines like the US's Southwest. Except much, much cheaper.

Traveling by Bus

Bus Driver in Acapulco

Most countries' bus companies aren't regulated in such a way that finding universal student discounts is easy. You can get 'em on Greyhound in the US, for instance, but in the rest of the world, you pretty much pick your bus, pay what's often a pittance anyway, and hop on.

Traveling by Car

Car in Tasmania, Australia © Lauren Juliff

Driving is not a big option in many countries -- you may be too young to rent a car, or even too scared (who wouldn't be?) to brave the wild and crazy traffic. In some places, though, like the United States, Australia and New Zealand, driving is the best way to explore.

Student Travel Destinations

Coron, The Philippines © Lauren Juliff

So, you know you want to go on a backpacking, student travel adventure -- where to? Some countries and continents are perennial student favorites, like Latin America and Europe, and some are must-stops on the backpacker trail, like Southeast Asia. Australia is about to become a truly happening place, since US students can now work down under. Look into a few place ideas, or look more deeply into a few places.

What to Do There

Rosarito Beach Concert, Baja, Mexico

What you're gonna do there is everything you possibly can, of course. You may want to map out a few don't miss things to do, though -- check it out:

Travel Safety and Emergencies on the Road

Pickpockets Are Just So... Pesky

Remember that following the same precautions you do in your own hometown usually ensures a trouble-free trip. Get lists of US embassies and other government travel emergency help, too.

Travel Health and Personal Care

Why do we hate these? Let's count the ways...

Aside from avoiding food featuring live flies, there are a few health matters that should concern you while and before traveling, and some that don't (find out so you don't need to worry).

International Maps

Mexico Wall Map - Maps.com

Maps provide hours of entertainment -- trip planning, of course, plus frantic consultation while in-country. Enjoy this collection.

Travel Journaling - Be There Now and Later

Journaling in Sydney Hostel

Travel journals track your action for future reminiscing, of course, but can also connect you with home and curb the blues. Keeping a travel journal sounds like Flintsone-era stuff, but it's not -- and having a travel journal helps when homesickness on the road happens. First, though, you gotta get a journal and, perhaps, some cool journal tools.

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