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Kindle 3G - Amazon Kindle 3G With Wifi for Travelers


Amazon Kindle 3G With Wifi for Travelers
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Kindle Images

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Kindle 3G (Kindle 3G With Free Wifi)

The advent of the ebook reader is a cool boon to the backpacker and the Amazon Kindle 3G, with free wifi, has ushered in a new era for student travelers: the truly workable lightening of the book load without breaking the bank (that would be the iPad's job). The Kindle 3G is a light, thin piece of hardware with which a traveler can not only read book (including textbooks*), magazines and newspapers, but hook up to the internet with worldwide wifi. It's not one gadget to rule them all, since it's not a GSM phone nor a true traveling internet solution, but it's a very versatile tool for travelers at $189.

The 3G is the third generation of the Amazon Kindle, or the Kindle 3, which is called the Kindle 3G. Spend a little less but forego the free 3G -- which is well worth getting -- and get a wifi only Kindle at $139. Why do you want the 3G?

3G is a term regarding cellular or mobile networks: just like a cell phone with 3G, the 3G Kindle accesses mobile airwaves from just about anywhere. In many countries, you can use a web broswer via a 3G network, meaning your Kindle's internet interface essentially looks like a "normal" web page. Facebook, tweet, Google, access Amazon's treasure trove of reading material.

*A problem for serious studiers: page numbers aren't consistently preserved in a printed book's transition to a Kindle, making it hard to cite sources in a footnoted paper or do precisely assigned readings.

    Amazon Kindle 3G With Wifi Features
  • 6" Reading Area
  • 8.7 Ounces -- Weighs less than a paperback
  • Battery Life: One Month (with wireless off)
  • 3 Gigs of Storage -- Up to 3,500 books
  • Free 3G Wireless Wifi (that's free, free, free... yes, truly, really free)
  • WebKit-Based Browser
  • PDF Reader
  • Download non-Amazon stuff via USB or the Kindle 3G's own e-mail address

Buy the Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle we've been talking up here is the $189 model:

Buy Amazon Kindle Accessories

Want some Kindle accessories? Check out these:

  • Compare Prices Kindle Accessories Bundle - Amazon Kindle 3G Silicone Case, Neoprene Sleeve, Screen Protector, Screen Cleaner - About $35

  • Compare Prices DigitalsOnDemand 14-Item Kindle Accessory Bundle - Includes Black Silicone Skin, White Silicone Skin, Black Leather Case, Screen Protector, Robotic Reading Light with Battery Included, Earphones, Earphone Splitter, AUX Cable, Wall Charger Adapter, Car Charger Adapter, USB Sync Cable, Retractable USB Data Cable, Fishbone, Drawstring Travel Pouch: About $50

  • Compare Prices CrazyOnDigital Kindle 3G Accessory Kit - Leather Case, Screen Protectors, Auto Car Charger, AC Home Wall Charger, Sync & Charger USB Cable, Headphones: About $33

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