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Top 10 Picks for Best Women's Travel Gear and Travel Accessories


Women's travel gear needs to be strong, light and long-lasting -- but most women's clothing is not. Exceptions: Expedition travel shirt, Royal Robbins zip off travel pants, Woolrich's women's travel vest and a packable hat. Find comfy travel flip flops and women only travel accessories (safety gadgets, makeup/sunscreen, gal-only perosnal gear and a beauty shoulder bag) in this guide to top 10 picks for best women's travel gear - travel clothes and women's travel accessories.

1. Crushable Women's Travel Hat

A lightweight hat is a must-have in tropical climes, but schlepping through JFK in a straw boater feels whacky in January, and stuffing a straw hat in a bag creates crushed straw. Enter the crushable hat -- frequently done but finally perfected when Magellan's packable travel hat made the scene... Finish reading the Guide review.

2. Best Women's Traveling Flip Flops

I wonder if a backpacker came up with the idea for the Sanuk Chica flip flops. Somebody who spent considerable time hoofing it had a design say, anyway. I could wear these flip flops across continents. I first tried the Sanuk Chica flip flops on a Mexico party cruise: what a waste (the venue choice, not the cruisers) -- I'd rather save every square millimeter of the Chica's rubber for long-term travel walking. They're that comfortable... Finish reading the Guide review.

3. Best Women's Travel Pants

Women's travel clothing often features form over function -- Royal Robbins's women's "Zip N Go" zip off travel pants have both, with ample function: lots of fun features, and "convertible" shorts offer more feminine fit than most zip off travel pants. Cargo pockets carry crucial stuff. Quite decent lightweight travel pants... Finish reading the Guide review

4. Best Women's Travel Shirt

UPF 30+ sun protection rounds out a host of features on Royal Robbins' women's Expedition travel shirt:

  • Convertible sleeve button tabs
  • Hardy and wrinkle resistant, quick-drying Coolmax® fabric
  • Hidden air conditioning vents
  • Breast pockets: two velcro closure and one zippered
  • Cute untucked styling

Very light, very strong...very travel-perfect. It's even got an extra button sewn in, something women's wear makers never bother adding. Travel in style.

5. Best Women's Travel Vest

Most women's travel vests fall into one of two categories: function-less or bulky fly fishing affairs. Woolrich's women's travel vest is a sweet exception. At 22", it's about waist length and could almost pass for a regular vest -- closer inspection reveals a host of travel specific goodies. I tried to overstuff the vest, of course, as is my wont, and even I was challenged... Finish reading the Guide review.

6. "Wrinkle-Free" Fabric Relaxant

It's just not always possible to pack wrinkle-resistant duds, and even the most techie fabric can look crummy after living in a backpack. Wrinkle Free is a true wrinkle-be-gone wonder; spray your duds and wait ten seconds; wrinkles gone. This stuff works (though not on polyester -- which is a very so-so travel material, anyway). Three oz. aerosol spray from Austin House (nine oz. can available from Magellan's). Good to have around for formal emergencies, but it is an aerosol no-no.
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7. SPF 60 Makeup

Sunny travel is tough on skin, and a moisturizing, UVA-blocking sunscreen is a must to keep your skin from getting old before you do. Total Block Tinted Sunscreen is meant for photo-sensitive folks, but it keeps the bad rays away from every face. As part of a two-toned tinted concealer, it works as makeup *and* sunscreen and saves packing space...and ensures you'll wear sunscreen every day.
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8. Diva Cup

Hauling tampons and pads around the planet is pack space-consuming, and finding what you want in other countries can be tough. Solve the feminine hygiene packing and disposal problem with the Diva Cup menstrual solution -- reuseable for up to ten years (saves a whole lotta money over time).
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9. Hotel Room Safety Gadegts

I'm an adventurous traveler, and I've certainly stayed in some hotels/motels/hostels where my safety in my room was questionable whether because of the neighborhood or the iffy door lock. Check out these products that will bring you some peace of mind - a portable door lock which works anywhere and a doorjam with alarm that shrieks like a banshee if someone tries to get into your room uninvited... Finish reading the Guide review.

10. LL Bean Leather Travel Shoulder Bag

This beauty travel shoulder bag boasts a silky lining and powerful snap-plus-zip outer pockets, a roomy outer zip sleeve and interior zip pocket and pen / credit card pockets. Modeled after World War II bomber jackets, the distressed leather looks great while being tough as nails. Padded and adjustable shoulder strap is comfy and carry handles turn it into a briefcase. Classic campus companion and practical lifelong travel bag... Finish reading the Guide review.

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